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Society Talks

Since 2000 I have spoken at a number of societies throughout the UK, as well as participating in International conferences. If you would like me to talk at a function, society meeting or conference please contact me.

Please find below a list of talks that I have given to societies in the past as well as those that are new research. They are all illustrated lectures using powerpoint presentations. For further details please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss it. Talks can range from 30 mins to 1 hour 30 mins.


The Myth of Egypt

This looks at the myths and preconceptions that we hold about Egypt as well as investigating the origins of these myths and whether there is any element of truth in them.

The Book of the Dead

This lecture investigates the journey of the deceased in the Amduat as demonstrated in the surviving examples of the Book of the Dead. Join the ancient Egyptians on their dangerous journey and help them live for eternity.

Banquetting with Tutankhamun

An investigation into food and recipes from the eighteenth dynasty, using the organic material from the tomb of Tutankhamun as a guide, in addition to other archaeological evidence from the period.

Horemheb - the Forgotten Pharaoh

This looks at Horemheb, the king often placed at the end of the Amarna period, rather than in his rightful place as the founder of the 19th dynasty. In this talk I investogate the importance of Horemheb and the essential role he played in the foundation of the 19th dynasty.

The Myth of Cleopatra

We are all familiar with Cleopatra, famous for her love affairs with Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony, but are our impressions of this enigmatic queen based on truth or fiction? In this talk I investigate the myth of Cleopatra and how it has tainted the modern opinions of her.

Aspects of Body Alteration in Ancient Egypt

This is a study on the ways the Egyptians changed their appearance through the temporary use of cosmetics and wigs as well as the more permanent processes of tattoos and scarificiation.

A Woman Called Taimhotep – Intrigue of a Ptolemaic Family

This is an insight into the life of a Ptolemaic family living in Memphis during the time of Cleopatra. Learn about their religious beliefs, everyday life as well as murder and intrigue.

Evolution of Burial Architecture in Ancient Egypt – From Pits to Pyramids

A study of the development of tomb architecture starting with pre-dynastic pit burials and travelling through time to discover the rock-cut tombs of the Valley of the Kings. This investigates the religious beliefs behind the tomb architecture

Funerary Goods - Everything but the Kitchen Sink

This is a guide to the objects in the tombs of the ancient Egyptians looking less at jewellery and more at the household objects, soul houses, hypocephali and personal effects.

Preparing the Body for Eternity

A illustrated guide to mummification – looking at the process, the beliefs and the history of the most infamous aspect of ancient Egypt.

Whose Past Is It? The Controversies of Archaeology

A brief talk on the controversies surrounding Egyptology, asking such questions as is funerary archaeology the same as grave robbing? Who owns the past – scholars, the public or institutions? To answer these questions I discuss what the past is and the responsibility of all of us to care for it.

What Can the Art of the Hyksos Teach us About Their Role in Society?

This talk investigates the Hyksos period and presents it from their view rather than that of the ancient Egyptians. I also question the accuracy of the Egyptian reaction to the Hyksos and how they would have been an accepted part of the Egyptian population, who contributed greatly to the culture of ancient Egypt.

The Influence of Ancient Egyptian Environment on Religion

An investigation into the Egyptian religion and the extent that the surrounding environment would have influenced these early writers. The importance of the landscape is also touched upon.

A Possible Case of Elephantiasis in Ptolemaic Egypt

This talk looks at the evidence of the disfiguring disease of Elephantiasis in ancient Egypt, including tomb images, statues, and human remains.

The Dangers of Living in Ancient Egypt

This is a no-holds-barred account of disease and medicine in ancient Egypt. Learn about the bizarre cures for simple ailments and ponder the difficulties in gathering that most useful ingredient of fly dung!!

This talk can be combined with a 30 min practical element where ancient remedies are mixed by the group members according to ancient recipes.

The Journey into the Afterlife

This talk starts the journey at the death and mummification of the deceased. I discuss the beliefs in the afterlife and investigate some of the trials and dangers faced by a new arrival in the Amduat.

The Shipwrecked Sailor - Fairytale or Social History

This talk looks at the popular story of the Shipwrecked Sailor and discusses the information that can be gathered from the story about everyday life of the Egyptians. This talk gives an insight into the minds of the audience of this maritime adventure.

Nubians in Art

This talk investigates the non-stereotypical images of Nubians in ancient Egypt and questions the real role that they would have held within Egyptian society. I will also look at what it is to be Egyptian and whether Nubians were considered as Egyptian by the Egyptian population.

The Similarity between Ancient Egyptian Religion and Modern Hinduism

There are numerous studies exploring the similarities between ancient Egyptian religion and modern Christianity, largely due to Akhenaten’s monotheistic religious upheaval. Although this research is interesting it may be more useful to compare the Egyptian religion with another polytheistic religion, and investigate the similarities. In the following study the similarities between the ancient Egyptian religion and modern Hinduism will be investigated, as well as the possibility of there being a common source for both religions.

Women in Ancient Egypt

This talk will look at the role that women held in society as well as the jobs and the legal rites that they possessed. I will also look at the individual life of at least one woman looking in detail at what it must have been like being a woman living in ancient Egypt. 

Battles Ramses II and Ramses III

This talk looks at the most famous battles of Ramses II and Ramses III, namely the battle of Kadesh and the Battle of the Sea Peoples. This is a comparative discussion the differences in military leadership that these kings displayed.

Egypt – A Multi-Cultural Society

This investigates the reality of the population of foreigners living in Egypt throughout the pharaonic period. Mostly investigated through artistic images as well as textual evidence I conclude that Egypt was a truly multicultural society and not the xenophobic nation that their propagandistic texts would suggest.

Foreigners in Thebes

This is a variant on the above talk (Egypt – a Multi-cultural Society) although focusing on the region of Thebes – using tomb images, genealogy and textual evidence to present Thebes as a cosmopolitan mult-cultural society.

Abu Simbel through the Eyes of the Traveller

This talk looks at first hand accounts through the ages of visitors to Abu Simbel I investigate the changing experience of the traveler to Egypt and question whether these changes have improved the experience or not.

The Hyksos Period

This is an in depth study of the Hyksos kings of Egypt, looking at their capital city at Avaris, religion and burial practices. Through the study of the archaeological remains at Avaris it is possible to decifer the mysteries surrounding these elusive kings.

Royal Women

This talk investigates the role that royal women would have held in ancient Egypt as well as a study of the institution of the harem, and the role of the God’s Wives of Amun. I conclude with the life stories of a few incredible royal women who have stood out from the thousands of women who are now anonymous.

The Erotic Arts

This is a variant on the talk Aspects of Body Alteration in Ancient Egypt which focuses on the professions of women which were reliant on a ‘sexy’ erotic bodily image. I look at the methods used to improve the appearance and also the individual roles that come under this title including dancers, musicians, singers and prostitutes.

Life and Times of Tutankhamun

Everyone is familiar with the tomb of Tutankhamun and the array of wealth displayed there. However few people know about his battles and his life at Amarna and at Memphis. This lecture will focus on the lesser known information about the most infamous king of ancient Egypt.

Introduction to Egyptian Art

A basic introduction to reading Egyptian art and identifying certain artistic characteristics such as age, sex, nationality and location. This is an illustrated lecture explaining the basics of Egyptian art.

Everyday Lives of the Ancient Egyptians

An introduction to the lives of the ordinary Egyptians investigating religion, houses, pastimes, working life and personal correspondence. This is based primarily on the site of Deir el Medina although other sites including the workman villages of Giza, Kahun and Amarna will be used.


Practical Lectures

Approximate group numbers will be needed in advance.

Senet Tournament

This is a practical competition of the ancient Egyptian board game Senet. I speak briefly on the history of the game as well as one of the devised sets of rule. I provide boards, pieces and “throw sticks” or dice and run a tournament. Large groups welcome.

Art Workshop

This 2 hour session starts with a talk on techniques of Egyptian art including carving, drawing and sculpting of 3-D statues. Then the group are encouraged to try their hand and one of these techniques. I can provide all of the materials needed for a small additional cost.

Medicine Workshop

This 2 hour session starts with a talk on the medicines, practices and practitioners of Ancient Egypt. Then the group are encouraged to mix, and try (for the brave) some ancient remedies made from ingredients available around the house!!

Cosmetic Workshop

The first half of this workshop will involve a short talk about the history and use of cosmetics, looking at the value, and ingredients used to create the beautiful colours presented in Egyptian art. Then it’s your turn. Using plastic masks and paint, groups are given images to reproduce. There will be eye-make-up available for the more adventurous who wish to try it out on each other.

Egyptian Market place

Have you ever wondered how the ancient Egyptians bought and sold their wares without a monetary system? Now’s your chance to find out! There will be a short talk regarding the evidence of the ancient Egyptian market place as well as standard prices. Then everyone is given a “shopping list” and an invisible “bag of goodies” and the first one to get all their goods for the best price wins a prize!

Ancient Egyptian Crime and Punishment

This workshop starts with a short talk on the crime and punishments of ancient Egypt. Then the society is divided into small groups (5-10 depending on numbers), and are given a scenario consisting of a crime and the appropriate punishment. This they present to the others (poems, plays, puppet shows – any way you can imagine) using the props provided.

Ancient Egyptian Pastimes

This two hour session is a combination of a short presentation explaining the basic pastimes of the Egyptians, and the rest of the session will be putting some of these into action including story telling, toy making, board games and sports (for the more athletic members of the society).

If you would like me to talk at your society or social group then contact me on charlottesegypt@gmail.com