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Private Classes

All classes are available on a one-to-one basis. If you do not see the course you want then contact me and we can put a personal programme together to fit your specifications.

In the first class we will discuss your personal objectives and organise a study plan to suit you and your requirements. You can have as many (or as few lessons a week/month/year) as you feel suit your lifestyle, abilities and needs.

Price - £15 per hour (per person). For every 12 hours booked and paid for in advance there will be a discount.

Venue - For private classes small groups (1-3 people) these classes will be held at a venue of your choice. Why not have a museum based class - where each week we can look at chosen objects or themes.

Larger Groups - If you would like classes for a group of more than 3 people this can be arranged. There will be discount for groups of 5 or more although the students would have to provide a venue for these larger groups.