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2016 Book Review:

Raffaella Cribiore and Roger S. Bagnall.

Women’s Letters from Ancient Egypt: 300 BC-AD 800,

University of Michigan Press, 2009

Rosetta 18 Autumn 2015

2016 Book Review:

Jason Thompson.

Wonderful Things; a History of Egyptology.

Vol 1: From Antiquity to 1881
Cairo. American University Press, 2015:

Rosetta 18 Autumn 2015

Rosetta 18: 71 – 74

2016 MadeGlobal Publishing

Pyramids in a Nutshell (Paperback)

2015 Amberly Publishing

In Bed with the Ancient Egyptians (Hardback)

2015 Book Review
Review of Egyptian Bioarchaeology:
ook Review
Humans, Animals, and the Environment:

Papers from the Institute of Archaeology:
25(2): 6, pp. 1–3, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5334/pia.482

2015 Amberley Publishing
Lost Voices of the Nile: Everyday Life in Ancient Egypt(Hardback)

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2015 Book Review: 'William Carruthers (ed.),

Histories of Egyptology: Interdisciplinary Measures;

Routledge, Studies in Egyptology Series, 2014

Rosetta Journal 17 (spring)

2015 Book Review: 'Grove, L. & Thomas, S. (eds),

Heritage Crime; Progress, Prospects and Prevention;

Palgrave Macmillan 2014013

Rosetta Journal 17 (spring)

2015 Book Review: 'William Schniedewind & Zipora Cochavi-Rainey (eds.),

The El-Amarna Correspondence:

A New Edition of the Cuneiform Letters from the Site of El-Amarna

Based on Collations of All Extant Tablets; Brill 2015

Rosetta Journal 17 (spring)

2014 (June/July) The Ancient Egyptians were Human Too

Ancient Egypt Magazine


2014 (Winter) Tutmania Hits the West

Speakeasy Magazine

2014: The Illustrated Guide to Ancient Egypt. Amberley Press

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2013 Myth of Hypatia

Ancient Egypt Magazine (Dec 2013/Jan 2014)Vol 14, Iss 3

Ancient Egypt Magazine

2013 Who on earth was Horemheb?

Minerva (May/June) page 8-11

Minerva Magazine

2013 Horemheb: Founder of the nineteenth dynasty

Ancient Egypt (June/July) Vol 13 no 6 iss 78 page 10-17

Ancient Egypt Magazine

2013 Italica: Spain’s Pompeii

Ancient Planet Magazine (Iss 5) page 60-73

Ancient Planet Online Magazine

2012 A study of Hinduism and ancient Egyptian religion.

Ancient Planet Magazine. Vol 3 2012. page 63-73

Ancient Planet Online Magazine

2012 Capo Colonna, Calabria, Italy

Ancient Planet Online Magazine - Issue 2 June/July 2012 - Page 112


2012 Egypt in Milan

Ancient Planet Online Magazine - Issue 1 April / M ay 2012 - Page 93


2011The Myth of Egypt

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2011 Cleanliness is next to godliness

Ancient Egypt Magazine Vol 11. No 6 June/July 2011

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2010 The History Press Ltd
The Nile and Its People : 7000 Years of Eguptian History (Paperback)

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Sept 2009, Booth C. & Emily Cocke
The Secret World of Coptic Egypt
Heritage of Egypt Magazine Issue 6
2009, Booth C., Janssen J., Janssen R
The Ancient Egyptian Market Place
Ancient Egypt Magazine

2009 Theiss, Konrad
  Das alte Agypten Theben und das Niltal 1200 v. Chr (Hardcover)

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Horemheb: The Forgotten Pharaoh (Paperback)

2009 Amberley Publishing
  Horemheb: The Forgotten Pharaoh (Paperback)

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The Curse of the Mummy: And Other Mysteries of Ancient Egypt (Paperback)

  2009 Oneworld Publications
  The Curse of the Mummy: And Other Mysteries of Ancient Egypt (Paperback)

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Jan 2009, Charlotte Booth 
Tutankhamun the Warrior King
Heritage of Egypt Magazine Issue 4
Traveller's Guide to the Ancient World: Egypt: In the Year 1200 BCE - Traveller's Guide to the Ancient World

2008 David & Charles PLC
 Egypt (Traveller's Guide to the Ancient World)

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2007 December BBC History Magazine
Meeting the Real Tutankhamun.
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2007 December/January Ancient Egypt Magazine
Tutankhamun; Meeting the Boy-King
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The Boy Behind the Mask: Meeting the Real Tutankhamun 2007 One World Publishers
 The Boy Behind the Mask: The Life and Times of Tutankhamun.
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The Ancient Egyptians for Dummies - For Dummies S. 2007 John Wiley
 The Ancient Egyptians for Dummies
Buy Now - For a personalised signed copy please contact    charlottesegypt@gmail.com
2007, Booth C
The Temple of Khonsu at Karnak
Ancient Egypt Magazine
People of Ancient Egypt 2006 Tempus Publishing
 People of Ancient Egypt
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2006 EAIS Newsletter (August)
Foreigners in Ash-Sharqiyyah


2006 Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 91
A study of a Ptolemaic head in the Petrie Museum
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2006, Booth C
The Temple of Ptah at Karnak
Ancient Egypt Magazine
The Hyksos Period in Egypt - Shire Egyptology S. 2 2005 Shire Egyptology
 The Hyksos period in Egypt
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  2005, Booth C
The Hidden Collection
Ancient Egypt Magazine

2005 BAR Press
The Role of Foreigners in Ancient Egypt: A Study of Non-stereotypical Artistic Representations
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2005 Global Publishing
Egypt: Land and lives of the Pharaohs revealed
Contributing Author


2005 Conference Proceedings, 1st International Conference of Young Egyptologists, Italy
The Uses and Abuses of Water in Franklin Gothic Westcar.


2005 Ancient Egypt Magazine (Feb-March)
The secret collection of the Grange Museum , Neasden, North London
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2003 CRE III Proceedings (BAR)
What can Hyksos Art Teach us About Their Role in Society?
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2001 Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 87
Tattooing Instruments from the Petrie Museum
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Similarities Between Ancient Egyptian Religion and Hinduism - PDF here




Sex in the Ancient World - Egyptian Erotica MP4 format - Aired on the History Channel 2009

Paul O'Grady Show - Mummification - Aired on the Channel 4 2006