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I'm Charlotte Booth and I am here to offer you my expertise in Egyptology, hieroglyphs and all things Egyptian.

I have been interested in Egyptology since I was a small child and the body of ‘Ginger’ at the British Museum is one of my favourite stop off points on my British Museum Guided Tour. Click Here for Museum Tour information. I have also developed an interest in Egyptomania and ‘Nile Style’ and can often be found mooching around antique stores and fairs looking for goodies to add to my collection.

I have a BA and MA in Egyptian Archaeology from UCL and am currently studying towards my PhD at Birmingham University.

I have varied Egyptological interests, with my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees focusing on the Hyksos Period of Egyptian history which led to an interest in foreigners within Egyptian society. My PhD studies are more ‘modern’ as I am researching the creation of squeezes by archaeologists and what we can learn from them.

My Egyptology career is varied and I have published a number of books and articles on different aspects of the subject. Please click here for further information. If you would like me to write for your magazine or publication please contact me to discuss charlottesegypt@gmail.com

I have been giving talks and workshops at Egyptology and ancient history societies since 2002, as well as international and national conferences. If you are a society events co-ordinator and are interested in a talk or workshop please click here.

I have been teaching Egyptology, hieroglyphs and archaeology for a number of years, in group classes, one to one, online and correspondence. For courses please click here for bespoke classes catered to your own needs please email me on charlottesegypt@gmail.com

I hope you enjoy exploring my website, and should you wish to comment, offer advice, or would like to discuss a course or lecture then please do not hesitate to contact me.


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I look forward to hearing from you.