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Book Reviews


Art and Vision in the Inca Empire - Review - Amazon

When the Greeks Ruled Egypt - Review - Amazon
Count Like an Egyptian - Review - Amazon
Archaeological Research in the Valley of the Kings and Ancient Thebes - Review - Amazon
Chasing Chariots - Review - Amazon
More Usefully Employed - Review - Amazon
The Environment of Ancient Egypt - Review - Amazon
The Life of Margaret Alice Murray - Review - Amazon
Tausret: Forgotten Queen and Pharaoh of Egypt - Review - Amazon

Djekhy & Son By Koenraad Donker van Heel - Review - Amazon

Egyptomania By Bob Brier - Review
The Meroitic language and writing system - Review - Purchase
The Archaeology of Ancient Egypt: Beyond Pharaohs - Review
Images of Woman and Child from the Bronze Age by Stephanie Lynn Budin - Review
Pilgrimage and household by Joy McCorriston - Review

Interpreting Ancient Figurines by Richard Lesure - Review
The Murder of King Tut by James Patterson - Review
Early Christian Books in Egypt by Roger Bagnall - Review
The Desert and the City by Derek Bickerton - Review
The Pharoahs by Joyce Tyldesley - Review
The Rosetta Stone by John Ray  - Review
Amarna : The missing evidence by Sue Mosley - Review
Return to Alexandria by Beverley Butler - Review
Cleopatra by Joyce Tyldesley - Review
Cleopatra's daughter by Michelle Moran - Review
The Lost Tombs of Thebes by Zahi Hawass - Review
Egyptology Today by Richard Wilkinson - Review
Ancient Egypt an introduction by Salima Ikram - Review
Lonely Planet Egypt - Review
Ram Man - Review
The Mummys curse - Review
Whose Culture - Review
Roman Republics - Review
Egypt A Short History - Review